Evo Shift Cases

EVO Shift OtterBox Case

Protect your new EVO Shift with the best case available for smartphones and the best case for the EVO Shift…the EVO Shift OtterBox Case. This is one tough case and it will keep your EVO Shift scratch and dent free.  It offers three layers of protection with rubber and hard plastic layers and even has […]


Amzer Injecto Snap On Hard Case for HTC EVO Shift 4G – White

Price: Under $15 One of the best looking white cases available for the Evo Shift 4G. This is a quality case designed from Amzer and designed to allow full access to all the plug so you don’t have to remove the case in order to charge and especially not for plugging in your headphones. Protect […]

white snap on evo shift case

Amzer Injecto Snap On Hard Case for HTC EVO Shift 4G

Price: Under $15 This high quality Evo Shift 4G hard snap on case ensure you’re new phone is safe and protected.  It’s designed to be very slim, lightweight durable plastic and not bulky.  It’s precision made to allow access to all your Evo Shift’s features. Don’t let your new phone get scratched up or worse, […]

black snap on case evo shift

Rose Pink Rubberized Snap-On Cover Case for Sprint HTC EVO Shift 4G

Price: Under $12 Something for the ladies, a high quality snap on hard cover case for you Evo Shift 4G.  It’s a hard plastic snap on case that has a nice rubber feel and texture on the outer coating.  It stays in place better when in your car and won’t slide around on the seat, […]

rose pink rubber case

Neon Green Rubberized Snap-On Case for Sprint HTC EVO Shift 4G

Price: Under $12 This case will make it easy for you to find your phone with its neon green color.  It’s 100% rubber texture ensures you’ll be able to hang on to your phone and also helps it stay in place when placed in your car.  It simply snaps on your Evo Shift and gives […]

green htc evo shift case

HTC Evo Shift 4G Pink/White Phone Cover

Price: Under $17 Finally a nice case for the ladies to show off their feminine side. This is a snap on case for your new Evo Shift 4G and provides full frontal and back protection against the day to day abuse you’ll be putting it through. The case has a pink outer hard plastic shell with […]

pink evo shift case

Blue Hard Case for Evo Shift 4G

Price: Under $30 A great looking soft touch snap on cover case for your new Evo Shift.  This case is thin and allows access to all of the phone features and is a perfect shield against drops and day to day wear and tear.  Don’t let your Evo Shift go without a case or you […]

blue evo shift 4g hard case

Evo Shift Green Leather Pouch Case

Price: Under $6 Show the world that you love green so much that you’ll even put your new Evo Shift 4G in a bright green leather pouch case. Easy access to your phone when you mount this baby to your belt via the provided clip.  Or it would help prevent damage from items in your […]

evo shift 4g leather case

Evo Shift Hard Cover Case

Price: Under $18 One of the best looking Evo Shift cases available at this time. The hard plastic part of the case is colored blue while the black is a soft textured rubber.  There is a lip over the front of the phone that will help prevent scratches and nicks from getting on your screen. […]

HTC Evo Shift 4G Case

HTC Evo Shift Combo Pack- Clear Case + Wall Charger + Car Charger

Price: Under $15 For under $15 you can get a clear hard plastic Evo Shift case, a travel charger for your car cigarette lighter and a regular wall charger for work or to place in an extra room in your house.  Your day can get bad very fast if your cell phone battery dies and you have […]

Evo shift 4g charger

HTC EVO Shift 4G Mirror Screen Protector

Price: Under $10 Mirror screen protectors are a cheap way to add a unique look to your new Evo Shift 4G.  Obviously it also doubles as a mirror so the ladies will definitely want to take a closer look.  Besides making your phone look cooler it also prevents scratches, scrapes and anything from touching the screen.  They […]

mirror screen protector evo shift 4g

Black Napa Leather Case Pouch-HTC EVO Shift 4G

Price: Under $8 If you need a case pouch for your Evo Shift this is one of the latest black leather pouches that is made to fit the Evo Shift 4G.  It has a cool look to it with genuine soft leather and white stitches and doesn’t look like a case that cost you less than $10. […]

black napa leather

Amzer Carbon Evo Shift 4G Case

Price: Under $30 Get your carbon fiber on 😉 The Amzer Carbon snap on case is made of hardened plastic that will obviously make your phone look great but it will give it the essential protection it needs from everyday usage. Let this Evo Shift case take the scratches and nicks instead of your precious […]

Carbon evo shift case can cover

Clear Snap-On Cover HTC Evo Shift 4G

Price: Under $10 You can’t go wrong with a classic clear hard case for the EVO Shift 4G.  This one is made with harden plastic that has a glossy finish. Perfect little inexpensive case that doesn’t look like you have a case on at all.  Something similar to this is must have to protect your […]

clear snap on case for evo shift 4g

Black Leather Case Pouch with Belt Clip-EVO Shift

Price: Under $4 If you’re looking for an incredibly inexpensive pouch case for your new EVO Shift 4G then this will be hard to pass on.  For under $4 you…yep, for $4 you can get a “leatherette material” that will fit your phone perfectly.  A magnetic flap keeps your new baby from flying out and […]

leather evo shift case

Seidio Innocase Surface Evo Shift Case

Price: Under $30 Get the ultimate protection for you new EVO Shift 4G.  The Innocase Surface is not just for nerds, it’s a hardcore shell that can take some abuse and everyday use that your new phone will eventually come across.  Just about everyone ends up bumping their phone on something and who hasn’t dropped their phone at […]

Seidio Innocase Surface evo shift 4g Case

Skinomi TechSkin Screen Protector HTC EVO Shift 4G

Price: Under$10 Skinomi Techskins are some of the most popular screen protectors for all the top smartphones out today.  They offer an amazing lifetime warranty program to ensure you’re never have an issue with the protector.  Also, they include a install squeegee, solution and of course some great how to instructions to ensure you’ll get […]

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